Saturday, September 13, 2014

Evelyn's Salon Haircut

This morning, I treated Evelyn to a hair cut at the salon I go to.  She loved being pampered with a wash, cut and style.
 The stylist did a great job blowing out Evelyn's hair, giving it just a touch of curl on the ends.  We also got some shampoo and conditioner that will work well with Evelyn's ever-changing hair.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Julia's Eye Exam

Julia has been experiencing migraines lately, and he pediatrician referred her to an ophthalmologist to see if her mildly lazy eye is the reason behind her migraines.  The good news is, Julia has as close to perfect vision as a six-year-old can have (no glasses!).  The bad news is, today's doctor didn't have an explanation for Julia's migraines.  She has an appointment with a neurologist later this month to see if we can find the reason Julia gets headaches.

Rosie Kicks Us Out

A couple mornings a week, Rosie kicks us out of the house.  She sit by our shoes or on the stairs, waiting for me to walk the girls to the bus.  Julia and Evelyn say that, if Rose were a dog, she might physically push us out the door.  I have a feeling they're right!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Homework Station

Now that both girls will be doing homework at the same time, and also knowing how easily school supplies get misplaced, we have a new system in place.  I collected all of the supplies in the picture below for less than $10 - the cost was low because I hit the school supply clearance shelves.  All of the supplies stay in the pencil bag, and the pencil bag lives in one of the kitchen drawers.
 It's really easy to grab the school supply bag from the kitchen and bring it to the table to do homework.  Julia and Evelyn understand that these supplies are intended for homework, and if they want to create art, they will continue to use their regular art supplies (which are kept in their art room).  Hopefully this makes homework life a little easier for the girls.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Julia the Ballerina

Julia is still on the fence about which dance discipline she wants to do.  Since ballet is the root of all dance, and she has really good form for a six-year-old, she enrolled in Pre-Ballet for this year.  Evelyn remembers that ballet as a 1st-grader isn't very exciting, so she continues to remind Julia that she needs to learn the basics (and do them well) before progressing to the "exciting" ballet skills.  We'll see how this year pans out - you never know with Julia!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Pre-Pointe Ballet Class

Today marked the next step of Evelyn's ballet studies at Franklin School of Performing Arts.  This ear she is enrolled in "Ballet II," which also includes a pre-pointe class.  She has ballet three times a week, with five hours of class each week.  Evelyn's goal is to strive to be the absolute best ballerina she can be, and she takes her ballet classes very seriously.  She is excited to think that she will become a pointe dancer in the next year or two . . . all depending on how much she excels in this year's classes.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Opening Day of Fall Soccer

Today was Julia's first fall soccer game on the Green Team.  As each season goes by, she gets a little more assertive.  However, I think her favorite part of the game is eating orange slices at half-time.
 Julia is on a pretty good team this Fall, and they won their game today.
 All in all, a happy little soccer player!