Monday, December 29, 2008

Snow Fun!

Bellevue (Nebraska) had a lot of snow before we arrived, and Evelyn was itching to get outside and play in it. First, she ventured out with her Grandma Linda a couple of times on Wednesday, December 24th, to make snow angels and ride in the sled. Evelyn got spoiled both times after all that play outside, when Grandma Linda gave Evelyn hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Then, on Christmas Day, Evelyn had more fun in the snow with her Daddy and Uncle Matt. It wasn't warm enough to build a snowman, but Evelyn was still able to make plenty of snow angels and sled down the hill in the backyard. There were a couple of exciting moments . . . The sled went right over some snow angels, which was quite traumatic for Evelyn (until she made some more). Then, on one trip down the hill, Evelyn's sled went right past Troy (who was supposed to catch/stop her) and almost went over a steep, stony slope into the neighbor's yard. But all ended well - more hot chocolate!

The pictures below were taken on Christmas Day at Evelyn's Grandma and Grandpa Luster's house.