Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pool Rats

We have been to the community pool so many times since Memorial Day that I've lost count. The lifeguards know us by name. Evelyn has tan lines, despite the SPF 50 I slather on her before we make the three-block trek to the pool. Julia is like Pavlov's dogs - when the whistle blows for break time, she starts fussing for her snacks.

Evelyn can't live without her "water wings" when we go swimming. I must admit, as a former lifeguard and swimming instructor, I was against the idea at first. But Evelyn is very comfortable in the water with them, plus she zips around in the water like nobody's business. I'm hoping to wean her from the water wings later this summer . . . if only I can convince her that she has what it takes to swim without them.

Julia has a great toy for the pool - her deluxe floatie, complete with attached toys and a sun shade. The water has been on the cool side lately (well, it is only June), so Julia can only take about ten minutes of play time in the floatie before she gets chilly. Then it's on to Mommy time or playing in the shallow area. Julia quickly learned that crawling on the scratchy concrete, both in and out of the pool, hurts. So she has taken to monkey crawling around the pool area - walking on her hands and feet. Oh, and I mentioned snack time, right? Julia won't pass up a chance to eat!


k. said...

I'm with you, wean her off those wings! At her age I was a total pool rat. I need to figure out the pool situation here. Maybe the weather will be nice when I come to visit so that we can go.