Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Here's a post with numbers that reflect what's been going on lately.

6 - Evelyn's reading level at school. When Evelyn started Kindergarten a little over three months ago, she was on Level 1. The goal for all students is to read at Level 6 by the end of Kindergarten. We're not quite half-way through the school year, and Evelyn has already achieved that goal! Level 6 books have about three sentences per page, with about 40-50 different words throughout the book. We are very proud of our little reader.

3.1 - Miles I walked today. I logged my usual 1.6 miles by walking to and from school twice, and then I put in another 1.5 miles on the treadmill. On days that I both walk Evelyn to/from school and work out at the gym, I aim for 3 miles for the day.

11 - Pieces of fudge left in the house. We started with 48 pieces of fudge last week, with Troy saying he didn't want any this year. Well, it turns out Troy did want fudge this year, as he has been helping me eat it! We have also made sugar cookies, Russian tea cakes (also known as snowball cookies), cream wafers and peanut butter bon bons. Everyone (but Julia) contributed to the Christmas goodies wish list, and I/we filled everyone's requests.

45 - Length (in minutes) of Julia's story time this morning, which is longer than usual. And she was a good little toddler the whole time! This is a record for a structured activity for our girl-on-the-go. She has two story times per month, and she has caught on to the routine and expectations of this activity. When I first exposed Julia to this activity in September, I never would have thought she could make it through an extended story time.


Disobedient Tiger said...

7 - pieces of fudge I suddenly need.