Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Evelyn's Goals

For the past couple of weeks, Evelyn has been talking about various hair and ballet goals. They seem to be very important to her, and since she has been talking about them for so long (for a Kindergartener, anyway), I thought I should mention them.

Since last June, Evelyn has been wavering between keeping her bangs or growing them out. She didn't make up her mind until two months ago, and we have recently moved into the awkward long-bangs stage. I'm trying my best to be creative with barrettes and headbands to keep her long bangs out of her eyes. Evelyn also wants to grow her hair long enough so she can donate at least 10 inches to "Locks of Love." Currently, if her hair is pulled into a low ponytail, it measures eight inches. Evelyn's hair grows fairly quickly, so she might be able to donate her hair this summer.

Along the lines of ballet, it comes as no surprise that Evelyn wants to dance with pointe shoes. She has been fascinated with pointe ballerinas for over a year. At the end of each ballet class, Evelyn has to touch some of the pointe shoes that are displayed on the studio wall. Every time we go to the dance shop to buy new (regular) ballet shoes for her, Evelyn lovingly cradles a pointe shoe in her arms. She has about five or six more years to go before reaching that landmark, and I hope she makes it! One of Evelyn's short-term ballet goals is to be a part of her dance studio's "Nutcracker" performance. I'm not sure how old Evelyn needs to be in order to perform, but I would guess she might achieve that goal in a year or two.

I will continue to keep you posted on if and when Evelyn meets her goals . . .


k. said...

Do some research before donating to locks of love just to make sure that's what's best. Because Ev has virgin hair she has more options (I wish I could donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths). I still haven't donated my hair (sad, I know). I think it is going to end up at Matter of Trust.