Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back to (Somewhat) Normal

Evelyn didn't have school at all this past week. She also did not have ballet on Monday, Kids' Aerobics on Tuesday or gymnastics on Thursday. The poor girl is a bit out of sorts since her daily routines have been out of whack.

I crossed all my fingers and toes that both she and Julia would have swimming lessons Saturday morning. It seemed like a toss-up, especially since most of the public schools canceled activities at their facilities for the weekend. The whole family was elated to find out that the Germantown Indoor Swim Center was, indeed, open Saturday morning. Even Julia seemed excited to go swimming, which is a first.

Evelyn and I made it out of the house this afternoon to see "The Tooth Fairy" movie. She and I have wanted to see this movie for several weeks, but lately, the weather hasn't been very conducive to our entertainment plans on the weekends. The movie was very cute, we both enjoyed it, and now Evelyn really can't wait to lose her first tooth.


Disobedient Tiger said...

I had a great time with the Luster's and our movie night. The movie had 2 holes in it that confused Kat and I.

Ev and Julia, Thank you for playing with me.

Thanks for the cookies. i have the gollywobs.