Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wright Brothers Memorial

I never could have imagined how much Evelyn would enjoy learning about the Wright brothers and their invention of the airplane. We arrived at the Wright Brothers National Memorial just in time to listen to the ranger's talk this morning. I had to translate some of the information for Evelyn, but she was very interested in it and seemed to understand it. After the talk, we walked around the full-sized replica of the 1903 flyer, and I pointed out the different parts of the plane. When asked if she wanted to lay down in the plane and fly it, Evelyn vigorously shook her head.
After looking at everything inside the visitor's center, and getting the girls' National Parks passport books stamped, we headed outside. First, we climbed to the top of Kill Devil Hill to see the monument built to honor the Wright brothers. Evelyn is standing in front of the monument:

The top of Kill Devil Hill gave us a great view of the Wright brothers' camp. The visitor's center is on the far right, replicas of the Wright brothers' house and hangar are in the middle of the picture, and the white granite stones in the grassy field show where the first four flights in 1903 landed.
Evelyn had fun reading the words on the markers that depicted where the Wright brothers landed their plane for those first flights. She also liked how the brothers took turns flying the plane. Overall, Evelyn thoroughly enjoyed her morning at the Memorial, and she bought a model of the 1903 flyer to build with Troy when she gets home.