Monday, April 26, 2010

Aviation Museum Field Trip

This morning, Evelyn's Kindergarten class went to the College Park Aviation Museum. With Evelyn having recently visited the Wright Brothers Memorial in North Carolina and currently reading a biography about the Wright brothers, this field trip was right up her alley.

The first thing the class saw was a life-sized robotic mannequin of Wilbur Wright, talking to the students about building airplane parts in his workshop. As you can see in the pictures below, Evelyn was completely awestruck by this display. In the second picture, she is waving to him.
The museum docent explained the various parts of early airplanes, such as a 1909 Wright flyer, using the museum's replica to demonstrate how the parts of the plane moved. Evelyn already knew most of what was explained because of the chapter book that she is reading, so it was fun for her to get the same information in a different format.

At the end of the demonstrations, the students had a chance to "fly" a 1939 airplane - when they moved the steering wheel and pushed the pedals, various parts of the plane's wings moved. Do we have a budding pilot on our hands?

This museum has a variety of weekend children's activities throughout the year, and I am going to keep my eye out for workshops that will interest Evelyn. In other words, we will definitely be back!