Saturday, September 11, 2010

Let the House Hunting Begin

Sometime in the next two or three years, Troy and I plan to buy a house. We've talked about purchasing a home ever since we moved here, almost three years ago. Now that we're closer to the actual time we will buy, we've started looking at what's available.

The number one thing on our wish-list is that Evelyn continues to attend her current elementary school, and a close second is the price. Those two items significantly narrow down the area of Germantown where we're looking. We aren't ready to buy anything right now, but knowing what's out there in different pockets of our preferred areas certainly helps.

Here is the house I looked at this morning. The outside looks great, right? I mean, how could you go wrong with living on half an acre in Germantown? Well, once I stepped inside, there was a lot wrong. The layout was really weird, and the updates throughout the house were ridiculously inconsistent. So now we know what a 2,000-square-foot house listed at $439,000 (but should really be sold for $400,000 or less) looks like, and we can go from there as we keep browsing.