Saturday, October 23, 2010

Harpers Ferry Railfanning

As we drove to Harpers Ferry this morning, a CSX freight train was on the tracks next to the highway. That was just the beginning of our railfanning for the day.

Right before we ate lunch, the Amtrak made a stop at the Harpers Ferry station to let passengers off. That was train number two.

We heard the third train's horns after we had finished walking across the pedestrian bridge. Not wanting to miss seeing a train, Evelyn and I hurried back up to the bridge. Turns out we didn't need to rush. This loaded coal train had stop on the bridge and wait for another train to come through the tunnel.
By the time the fourth train (an empty coal train) came through the tunnel, we had hiked up a hill to see the town church. We had a perfect view of the train activity from up there.

This empty coal train was on the tracks that are on Virginius Island - where we had hiked just a few hours earlier.
Now the loaded coal train could finally go through the tunnel.
But wait! There's more! While the loaded coal train was going through the tunnel, a CSX with autorack cars came through on the other side (train number five for us).
The sixth train rolled through town while we were visiting some shops, so we only caught glimpses of it. That was the most exciting and eventful railfanning day Evelyn has ever had - and we didn't even know we would see that many trains in Harpers Ferry.


Eric said...

Very nice photos! Most of those locomotives are in the "YN3" paint scheme (yellow nose three) also called "dark future." Evelyn's favorite scheme is the YN2, which is close to the AC6000CW locomotive in the third photo from the top. The AC6000CW is a rare locomotive, only purchased by CSX and UP.