Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Julia and Evelyn were in luck - Santa found them in Bellevue, Nebraska this year, and here's how Christmas morning looked for the Luster girls. Evelyn got a science kit, and she couldn't wait to do experiments and mix potions with Daddy. (Evelyn's unicorn pillow pet is watching from the corner of the picture.)
Julia also got a pillow pet - a koala bear. Cuddle, cuddle, cuddle.

Evelyn had hoped for some train "details" for her model train at home. However, since I/Santa didn't know exactly what she wanted (and model accessories are to fragile to fly between Maryland and Nebraska) she received a gift certificate to a train hobby shop in Maryland. She was disappointed this morning, but hopefully her attitude will turn around once she sets foot inside the train store.
Here's Julia with a 300-page Disney princess book, while her new trains look on.
After opening Santa's gifts, we Lusters headed out to Holdrege, Nebraska to spend Christmas Day with my extended family. All but one of the Thorell grandchildren were at the Hock farm today. My brother, Eric, couldn't make it this year . . . but here are the rest of us.