Sunday, January 16, 2011

Evelyn's Sixth Lost Tooth

Yesterday morning, Evelyn complained that it was hard to brush her teeth because her loose tooth was sticking out weird. I asked if she wanted me to pull it out for her, and she said yes.

I asked her to wiggle the tooth, so I could see exactly how loose it was. It didn't move as much as I thought it would. I asked her to wiggle it again, and it was clear to me that not all of the roots were dissolved, which meant I would have to give the tooth a good tug. I didn't mention that to Evelyn because I knew she would back out.

I asked her to hug Snowman tightly, and I yanked that tooth right out. The tooth put up a fight, but Evelyn was none the wiser. Now she has $30 in "gold" dollar coins from the six teeth she has lost - the tooth fairy is making Evelyn rich!


k. said...

Wow. When my mom asked me how much the tooth fairy paid I told her ten cents--so that's what she gave me!

V said...

I only got a quarter for each tooth. Rates have really gone up. Apparently the going rate is $10-20 a Evelyn's tooth fairy is cheap!