Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boat-on-the-Lake Story Time

Even though it was raining this morning, Julia and I still headed out to Black Hill Regional Park for their boat ride and story time. Today's theme was dragonflies . . . but we didn't see any. Why? Well, dragonflies are most active when the sun is shining, and the sun was definitely not shining this morning. So, after we learned about dragonflies and listened to a story about dragonflies, we went around the lake to see what other critters were active.Birds don't mind wet weather, and we saw several different kinds. We saw bluebirds and swallows flying around the lake, swooping and diving, catching some bugs for a mid-morning snack. We saw a couple of different kinds of ducks and geese - Julia insisted that I take a picture of this daddy mallard:
We also saw about four or five great blue herons. I was able to snap this picture before the heron flew off. Julia enjoyed mimicking how the herons soar through the air - she stretched her arms out as wide as she could and slowly walked around the boat.
After about 45 minutes of cruising around the lake in the rain, our boat ride was over. Julia enjoyed catching the rain by the edge of the boat as we headed back to the dock. Even though it was a wet outing, we still had fun.