Sunday, June 5, 2011

Back to the Pool

It's another pool season, so you know where to find us when the weather is sunny and warm: the community pool. Evelyn is still quite the little fish in the water. She does so well for a seven-year-old - swimming front and back crawl, treading water, and so on - that there really is no reason for her to take lessons this summer. She can just swim and swim to her little heart's content.What does Julia say when the lifeguards blow the whistle for break/adult swim? "Snack time!" Playing in the water makes her so hungry, she literally devours her Goldfish. See what I mean?

And, after break time, we're back in the water. Julia is much more adventurous this year than last year. She doesn't mind getting her hair wet, she ventures out to the 2 1/2-feet deep area without hesitation, and she loves playing with various pool toys. Unlike Julia's first two summers, when she would fuss about going to the pool, now she can't wait to go. It's still early in the swimming season, but I think I know how Julia's afternoon routine will go this summer: lunch, nap, pool (with a smile on her face).