Saturday, November 26, 2011

Maryland Science Center

What to do on a Saturday that Evelyn did not have Nutcracker rehearsal? Spend the day at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore. Our train museum membership is reciprocal with the science museum this month. Since we had heard nothing but good things about the science museum, it only made sense to take advantage of the reciprocal offer.

We spent the first hour in the dinosaur area. There were several hands-on activities for the girls - They excavated dinosaur fossils, watched the monitor (a type of lizard) eat his lunch (a dead mouse...), and touched fossil replicas.
There was a model of a dinosaur that archaeologists believe lived in Maryland - the astrodon johnstoni. This herbivore was 50-60 feet long and 30 feet tall. They found fossilized teeth and footprints of this dinosaur in Maryland, which leads scientists to believe it also lived in Maryland during the Cretaceous time period (95-130 million years ago).
There were several coloring stations set up around the museum (not just in the dinosaur area), and Julia stopped at all of them.
The girls also had a chance to stand in and measure replicated dinosaur footprints. Well, Evelyn measured, and Julia led a discussion about anything and everything.
Right next to the dinosaur area was the earth science area. Evelyn loved the tornado machine. At first she was nervous about putting her hand in the mini-tornado. But after she had done it once, she kept breaking up the tornado over and over again.
After taking pictures and videos in the earth science area, my camera battery died. :( But we had fun discovering lots of other places in the museum - we had lunch in the cafeteria; we discovered all sorts of Newton's laws in a physical science area; we learned about our bodies, including how our five senses work (we girls each had a turn laying on a bed of nails!); we saw a Sesame Street-themed star show in the planetarium; we learned about space; and the girls explored the kids' area. After six hours at the museum, we were spent. I'm so glad we had a chance to go, and I'm sure we'll be back!