Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas at the B&O Railroad Museum

For the fourth year in a row, we headed up to the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore for their Christmas festivities.  Upon arriving at the museum, the girls quickly chose wooden ornaments to color and decorate.
 Evelyn was so excited to see that the HUGE nutcrackers were back this year.  As long as big sister was with her, Julia didn't mind getting close to them.
 How much convincing did it take to get Julia to sit near Santa?  A lot.  Thank goodness Evelyn was there to act as a buffer between her and Saint Nick.  The girls offered their wish lists to Santa, which consisted of several American Girl doll accessories.  I think Julia also (quietly) mentioned that she would like a pretend play purse.
 After visiting Santa, we ate lunch, and then we wandered around outside.  It was seasonably brisk today, but we still enjoyed seeing the outdoor exhibits.  I love this picture of Troy and the girls, with the roundhouse in the background...
 We were scheduled to go on the 2:00 train ride with Santa.  Julia chose our seats, and we settled down for the two-mile round-trip journey.
 By the time Santa came down the aisle to visit the girls, Julia had warmed up to him considerably.
 Santa gave the girls Jolly Rancher candies, and Julia chose sour apple over watermelon.  Even though it made her pucker up, she couldn't resist eating it.
 Remember Julia in the first picture with Santa?  She had quite a change of heart by the end of the day.  She wanted to go back to see him one more time, on her own, and she jumped right up into his sled.  She told us that she now knew he was a nice guy so she didn't need to be afraid of him any more.