Saturday, January 19, 2013

Let's Eat

After seeing STOMP, Evelyn and I walked down to Little Italy for dinner.  Our destination - Lombardi's Pizza, which first opened in 1905, making it (supposedly) the oldest pizzeria in New York City.  All historical facts aside, the pizza looked SO good, and we were SO hungry, I completely forgot I had wanted to take a picture of it!  The next thing I knew, most of our 14-inch pizza was devoured.  We wanted to eat it all - it was so delicious! - but our tummies would've popped.  So I made both of us stop eating.  Totally tasty, totally worth the 15-minute wait on an early Saturday evening.
We took the subway from Little Italy back up to Grand Central, and then started our four-block walk to our hotel.  But first we had to make a pit-stop for these little cuties.  These cupcakes are about the diameter of an Oreo cookie, but they pack a powerfully sweet punch.  My favorite was the chocolate mint, and Evelyn's favorite was the Oreo.
 As we walked to the hotel, I saw my favorite skyscraper, the Chrysler Building (only three blocks from our hotel).
 Once we got to our room (we couldn't go to our room earlier since it wasn't ready yet), Evelyn realized she could see her favorite skyscraper from the west-facing window.