Saturday, March 23, 2013

National Zoo

Yesterday I was racking my brain, trying to come up with an outdoor Saturday activity.  When I looked at Julia's preschool artwork from Friday morning, the answer was as clear as day.  (By the way, I love how a monkey is hanging from Rapunzel's hair...)
 So, yes, we went to the zoo today.  We saw all of the cats that were on display - lions, the tiger, a clouded leopard and the cheetahs.  I love the picture I got of this guy.  Julia and Evelyn would caption this picture, "Kids!  Dinner is ready!"
 The four sea lions were having a blast, swimming back and forth in the water.  The girls loved watching them swim sideways and upside down.
 As usual, we started our visit at the bottom of the hill, slowly making our way to the top of the hill.  Once there, the girls posed in the zoo sign for the obligatory picture.
 As we made our way back down the hill, we wandered through the Asian exhibits.  These clawed otters were so cute - they all lined up when the zookeeper called them.  She counted all 11 otters (I could only get 10 in my picture), and then said they could go.  Which is exactly what they did - they all took off.  Amazing!
 Such a wonderful day at a fun zoo.  We have enjoyed visiting the National Zoo while living in Maryland, and we will miss the animals (and their exhibits) we have become so familiar with.


k. said...

I like Julia's drawing. Boy, the girls are growing. I remember when Evelyn was wearing that sweater!

I'm hoping we can make it to a few more zoos this year--maybe Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, El Paso...maybe even Waco.

Disobedient Tiger said...

the cheetah doesn't have sharp teeth?