Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cherry Blossom Festival 2013

I picked up Evelyn from school early today because she had an appointment.....with the cherry blossoms.  Today and tomorrow were the peak bloom days.  Even though neither of these days fell on a weekend, we still had to make it down to D.C. to see the beautiful trees.  Evelyn took this first picture -
 Just in case you can't find any, Julia is pointing out some lovely cherry blossoms.
 This year I had to strategically take a picture of the Washington Monument.  The lower two-thirds of the monument has scaffolding around it, to repair earthquake damage from August 2011.  But the top third looks fine!
 There was no line for the Tidal Basin paddle boats this afternoon, so we took advantage of that.  For $19 the three of us got a four-person boat for an hour.
 With the help of Evelyn, we paddled around most of the Tidal Basin.  We could only handle about 40 minutes, though, before we had to call it a day - our legs were quite fatigued!
 I love this cuddly picture of the girls on the boat -
 After our paddle boat ride, we started to walk around the Tidal Basin toward the Jefferson Memorial, admiring cherry blossoms along the way.
 Visiting the cherry blossoms on a Tuesday afternoon meant fewer crowds.  This picture is proof...I actually got a picture of only the girls, with nobody in the background.  Amazing!
 Now for the obligatory picture along the Tidal Basin, with cherry trees stretching overhead...
 ...and another one...
 ...and one more.
 Evelyn is getting so tall that some of the branches are lower than her head!
 When I asked Julia to pose for this picture, I kept telling her not to fall into the "drink."  She thought that phrase was hilarious!  (And thankfully she did not fall into the water - whew!)
 One more shot of the girls with cherry blossoms above them, why not?
 The weather was perfect for us girls at the Cherry Blossom Festival today.  We're so glad we went!