Monday, December 30, 2013

Evelyn's Goldfish

Evelyn has wanted a pet goldfish for a couple months, now.  She wants a goldfish because she likes the bright orange color, and she also wants something calming in her room.  Understandably, Evelyn gets upset with Julia (and her parents!) at times, and Evelyn wants something to help her calm down.

Troy and I asked Evelyn to research caring for a goldfish, which she did in October and November.  However, the books she read about caring for a goldfish encouraged her to get an aquarium with a filtration system. A fish tank wouldn't fit on her dresser very well, and I know from prior experience that small goldfish will do well in a fish bowl.  After assuring Evelyn her fish would be fine in a fish bowl, we all took the plunge, and she got her fish last week.

Fannie (a fan-tail goldfish) is everything Evelyn had hoped for.  If Evelyn has a hard time going to bed at night, she watches Fannie for a little bit until she is relaxed enough to fall asleep.  If Evelyn wakes up in the middle of the night (she's still adjusting to the clicking sounds of the "new" house's heating system), she glances over at her swimming friend until she is calmed down and ready to go back to sleep.  And, of course, when Evelyn is having a hard time with other people in her family, she can escape to her room, where Fannie helps her settle down.  Getting a goldfish has really helped Evelyn's emotional needs.  I think our only regret is that we didn't get one sooner!