Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Three Shows in One Day

Today Julia and Evelyn had three end-of-year shows between the two of them.

First up, Julia's Kindergarten Memory Show.  This is also known as a musical program that highlights the major events from the school year.  Following the singing program was a reception in the classroom.  Julia's teacher had put together memory books for each student, with pictures that chronicled various activities from Kindergarten.  It is a priceless keepsake, for sure.
 This afternoon, Julia participated in her class's Little Gym "Big Show."  Her class has been working on routines for the floor, bars and balance beam.  Julia, being the little ham that she is, proudly strutted her stuff.  She has really grown in the world of gymnastics - hopefully she will want to continue this activity in first grade.
 And finally, this evening, Evelyn had her Little Gym "Big Show."  Like Julia, Evelyn showed off her routines for floor, bars and balance beam.  She has gotten more comfortable on the bars and beam, but I can tell her true love is tumbling.  Unfortunately for Evelyn, today marks the end of gymnastics; she will be committed to four days of dance a week next year.  However, all of the strength and poise she has learned in gymnastics carry over to ballet.
 One last shot of my gymnasts together, with their Little Gym medals.