Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mt. Rushmore

Continuing our "President's Day" tour, we ate lunch at Teddy's Deli in Keystone - it's no surprise that Julia wanted to eat here, is it?  We all had very delicious sandwiches, so we're glad Julia spotted it.
 After lunch, we headed up the mountain in search of our second sight-seeing stop . . .
 . . . and we found it!  Both Julia and Evelyn had been really looking forward to seeing Mt. Rushmore, and they were ecstatic when they finally saw the real thing.
 We meandered along the Presidential Trail to get a close-up view of the sculpture.  The girls liked looking at the rocks in the debris pile, looking for evidence of dynamite sticks that were used to blow the rocks off of the mountain.  (I think Julia took the picture below.)
 Naturally, the whole time we were at the memorial, the girls worked on completing their Junior Ranger booklets, including a BINGO game.  They marked off every space except for seeing the memorial lit up at night.  Sunset was around 9:00 (Mountain time zone), which was too late for us east-coast girls.
 We spent close to four hours at Mt. Rushmore this afternoon, doing just about every possible hike, talk and activity possible, as well as wandering through the museum and informational displays.  Did Julia and Evelyn like it?  The smiles on their faces easily answer that question - YES!