Sunday, December 7, 2014

Nutcracker 2014

After months of preparations, Julia and Evelyn were ready for this weekend's Nutcracker performances.  This was Evelyn's fourth year performing (two seasons in Maryland, and now two seasons here in Massachusetts), and it was Julia's first time in this ballet.

What to do while waiting backstage?  Play games on someone's 
phone . . .
 . . . and write sweet "good luck" messages to each other.
Evelyn was a snow flurry in Act I.  This was a role she had wanted to do last year, and she was thrilled when she was chosen to be one of eight snow flurries this year.  
 The snow flurries are the youngest ballerinas in this production's Snow Scene, and she had a small part, but she did great.
 The next Luster girl on stage was Julia, with her role as a cherub (aka, an angel) - the cherubs open Act II and get to dance with the Sugar Plum Fairy (starring a professional ballerina from the Boston Ballet).  Doesn't she look the part?  Even though she was a goof at times during rehearsals, she did a fabulous job during the actual performance - no wiggling and she did her choreography perfectly.  Nice job, Sunshine!
 The last Luster girl to perform as Evelyn - she was a polychenelle in Act II.  She was a polychenelle four years ago, the first time she danced in the Nutcracker, so at first she wasn't looking forward to playing this role.  However, when all was said and done, Evelyn said this was her favorite dance so far - she loved being happy, smiley and energetic on stage.  Brava, girls!