Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Games

Julia has some new games and skills - she just started all of these today. It was quite a flurry of mental and motor skill activity for the little Sunshine!

She started playing a game we call "Thank You." Julia acts like she wants to give something to you. So, you hold out your hand, she puts a toy in your hand, and you say, "Thank you!" Julia replies with a two-syllable baby sound that we swear is "thank you" (both of our girls are geniuses, in case you didn't already know), and then she holds out her hand to get the toy back. This can go back and forth several times before she tires of it.

Julia is now interested in putting small blocks and shapes into containers. She especially likes to put her peek-a-blocks into their basket, dump the basket, and start all over again. Julia also likes to take a couple of shapes out of her shape-sorter box/container, put them back, and then try her best to get the lid back on.

All of this in addition to the usual book-reading, of course. I'm happy to say that it looks like we have another book worm in the house!