Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Visiting Nebraska

We made it to the Cornhusker State! We girls flew in last Saturday, and Julia once again let us know that she does not like flying. See, the good news was there was only one fussy baby on the plane. The bad news was, well, that baby was Julia. At least this flight was shorter than going to Denver, so I only had to contain a fiesty bear cub for two and a half hours.

So far we've been hanging around Bellevue, mostly visiting the grandparents. When both sets live in the same town, it's super simple to see them. Evelyn is old enough now to come up with her own agendas, such as whose house she wants to eat supper at, who she wants to go on an evening walk with, and which house she wants to sleep at.

Evelyn started private swimming lessons last night. One of my goals for Evelyn is to be weaned from her water wings (which, by the way, stayed in Maryland). Tonight's lesson went really well. She swam for about five or six feet on her own, she glided after pushing off from the wall, and she worked on big circle arms while swimming. By the looks of things, she won't even be thinking about water wings when we get back to Maryland in a couple of weeks. Yippee!

Today Evelyn, Grandma Luster and I went to the Omaha Children's Museum. (Julia stayed home with Grandma Linda and Grandpa Phil - not too much for a baby at that crazy, wild, noisy place.) Evelyn had fun exploring her usual haunts like the balls area, grocery shopping and making art. Evelyn and I also participated in a yoga class.


k. said...

Good job Evie! Swimming and yoga! I'm still being a lazy bones.