Thursday, May 6, 2010

6-Year Birthday!

Evelyn celebrated her 6th birthday big-time today. How else can I describe her eating chocolate cake/cupcakes three times today? Here's a run-down of Evelyn's cake-eating for the day:
1 - At school, the morning announcements wished Evelyn a happy birthday, and then she was invited to go to the office to pick up a birthday bullfrog pencil. (Her school's mascot is the bullfrog.) I visited Evelyn at school in the afternoon to read her autographed Ralph book to her class, and then all the students enjoyed some birthday cupcakes.
2 - After her gymnastics class, the girls all sang "Happy Birthday" to Evelyn and snacked on mini-cupcakes.
3 - Lastly, Evelyn enjoyed her official birthday cake at home, after opening presents.
That's a whole lotta cake for a little girl in one day!

In the way of presents, Evelyn got some things that have been on her wish-list for awhile, including a pair of purple Crocs and some Polly Pocket dolls. Even though Evelyn isn't willing to share her new things with Julia yet, I'm sure both girls will especially enjoy the art easel, which has one side for chalk and one side for large paper.
When Evelyn came down for breakfast this morning, a bouquet of flowers was waiting for her. It seems that some flower fairies magically delivered this bouquet last night. Evelyn was tickled to think that fairies put together a special arrangement of flowers just for her. When asked what she wanted for her birthday cake, Evelyn requested a four-layer chocolate cake. I jazzed it up a bit by adding some colored candy flowers. You can tell by her smile that the cake was a bit hit.

One last smile from the birthday girl before she devours her cake:
Let's not forget about Little Sis. She couldn't wait to get her hands (literally) on the cake. She grabbed bites of cake by the handful and stuffed them into her mouth . . . and around her mouth.