Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Our B&O Railroad Museum membership gets us into the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore this month. We couldn't pass up a chance to visit a new zoo for free, so we headed up there this afternoon.

Julia is old enough now to recognize and talk about the animals she sees. As we walked by the animal displays, she took her time looking at the animals, making sounds like them, dancing in front of them and telling us all about them. Here she is, pointing to some cranes by a waterfall.
The Maryland Zoo is divided into two sections - native Maryland animals and African animals. We started on the African side . . . and that's the only side we saw today. Since the girls wanted to take their time, carefully observing each critter, we spent all four hours in that section.

The girls had different things to say about this cheetah. Julia kept roaring and calling it a lion. Evelyn noticed that the vertical lines on its face looked like mascara running down its cheeks.
One of the highlights of Evelyn's day at the zoo was riding a camel. You can tell by the smile on her face that she is just thrilled to be riding such a huge animal.
We learned that the little elephant on the right just celebrated its second birthday. We made lots of comparisons between the two-year-old elephant and two-year-old Julia. In the end, we came to the conclusion that we are very thankful our Julia isn't the size of a two-year-old elephant.