Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Days

We seem to have fallen into a summer routine.

Evelyn has morning day camps both this week and next week. What this means for Evelyn is she gets to dance ballet and do princess-y stuff this week and hike around nature and learn about habitats at a state park next week. What this means for Julia is she gets to have me all to herself in the mornings, just like when Evelyn has school.

After eating lunch and putting Julia down for her afternoon nap, Evelyn and I work on schoolwork. I know, I know, we didn't have that when we were growing up, but times have changed. Quite honestly, I'm glad I have something educational and productive to do with Evelyn while Julia naps. I've come up with a theme for each day of the week:
Math Monday
Thomas Tuesday
Wright Brothers Wednesday
Reading Thursday
Fun-Writing Friday
Thomas Tuesday translates into doing activities in old Thomas the Tank Engine magazines. Wright Brothers Wednesday means reading about Orville and Wilbur and doing various flying experiments. Today we made a pencil-propeller that actually flew, and then Evelyn journaled about all of our hits and misses.

After naptime, weather permitting, we girls head to the community pool for a couple of hours. Both Julia and Evelyn continue to enjoy playing in the water, and we usually run into neighborhood friends, too.