Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trunk Bay

Today we headed off - bright and early - for Trunk Bay. According to several resources, this beach is one of the best in the world. We wanted to get there as soon as possible to avoid the crowds, and we did just that.
As we drove along the North Shore Road from Cruz Bay to Trunk Bay, we stopped at a lookout for some photo ops. Then it only took us a few minutes to drive from the scenic overlook down to the beach. When we got there around 9:00 a.m., there was plenty of parking available. The beach was mostly empty, which allowed us to set our gear wherever we wanted.

Before too many other vacationers arrived, Troy and I took a stroll along the beach. The sand was soft and pristine, the water crystal-clear. Pictures don't do justice to the amazing beauty of this place.
If it weren't for the islands in the background, you would almost swear I was sitting in a swimming pool instead of at a beach:
We hung out at Trunk Bay for several hours today, swimming, snorkeling, eating lunch, dodging a few afternoon raindrops, then swimming and snorkeling some more. Whereas yesterday's turtle experience was very exciting, spending the day at Trunk Bay was incredibly tranquilizing.