Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Ralph's World

Ralph Covert and his band, Ralph's World, performed at Jammin' Java in Vienna, Virginia this morning, and you know we were there! Julia and Evelyn chatted with Ralph before the show - I couldn't believe that Julia let Ralph hold her.One visit wasn't enough, so we headed back to see Ralph a second time before the concert began. Julia went in for a big hug this time.
Evelyn also wanted to tell Ralph that she had lost four teeth since the last time she had seen him. She also had an idea for Ralph . . . could he write a song about losing teeth? The look on his face said it all, "Why didn't I think of that?" He told Evelyn (and me) to send him an email with her song idea. Could this mean Evelyn's idea will turn into a new Ralph's World song?

When the song, "At the Bottom of the Sea" started, Ralph asked the kids to lay on the ground and pretend they were fish. Even though there were various movements throughout the song, Julia stayed glued to the floor, listening to the entire song in a prone position.
Evelyn mostly stayed with us, in the chairs, during the concert. But there were a couple of songs where she danced in the kiddie mosh pit. All in all, another great concert by a great musician and his band. We can't wait to see him again!