Saturday, November 13, 2010

November Trip to the Zoo

Today's weather - sunny and 65 degrees - mandated that we do something outside. It has literally been years since either Troy or Julia have been to the National Zoo in Washington, DC, so when Evelyn requested that we go to the zoo today, we gladly obliged. I also couldn't wait to take my new camera for a spin at the zoo. After wandering around the cats, prairie dogs, turtles, lemurs and orangutans, we settled down at the picnic table area for lunch. I know it looks like we only gave Julia bread for her sandwich, but we didn't - she just prefers to eat the cheese first and the bread last.
In previous trips to the zoo, we have ridden the Metro down to DC in order to avoid the zoo's $20 parking fee. The only problem with that is you have a 1/2-mile hike from the Metro stop to the zoo entrance. Not wanting to get the girls too worn out before even seeing the zoo, we drove there today. This meant we could bring the wagon for the girls to ride in. It seemed like a cozy ride, but they didn't mind.

The pandas must have been inside today because we didn't see them in any of their outdoor displays. However, we did see a pair of playful otters near the panda pens. They were hard to catch with the camera, but I nabbed this shot before the little guy took off with his buddy.
After hiking and riding around the entire zoo (minus the indoor exhibits), the girls were understandably exhausted. They fell asleep within five minutes of leaving the zoo parking lot.