Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Science Fair 2011

Evelyn participated in the science fair at her school tonight. It was the first science fair for the school, which also made it Evelyn's first science fair. After steering Evelyn away from the idea of an erupting volcano, she settled on doing a plant experiment for the fair.

Evelyn's original plan was to grow plants in two different environments - one with light and one in the dark. Rosie sabotaged the plant growing in the light, so we had to scrap that part of the experiment. However, her initial question was "Do plants need light to grow?" and we could still answer that question with the plant growing in the dark closet.

After 15 days of living in the closet, the bean plant grew 10 cm tall, although it was a pale green color. Evelyn hypothesized that the plant would grow, so she actually got her hypothesis correct. She typed up her directions, materials, conclusion and growth table to mount on the display board, and she also drew a line graph to show how much the plant grew over a period of two weeks. Since the plant is still alive, we included that as part of her display.
Here's our budding scientist, standing by her display.