Sunday, February 27, 2011

Train Layout Accessories

With Evelyn's train table painted and the track laid out, Evelyn was all set to buy model layout accessories. We drove 45 miles north to go to The Moose Caboose, the hobby store that Eric recommended for us (and Santa had given Evelyn gift certificates to). It was a small store, which was a good thing for our beginning model railroader. Even with just a few things to choose from, we spent an hour there, perusing the variety of goodies.

With only $40 to spend, Evelyn had some tough choices to make. Her main priority was a tunnel, and we found a life-like one for only $16. Evelyn also picked out a set of six pine trees, white picket fencing, a backyard pool set and a dozen telephone poles. The grand total, including tax, was $40.02. She was only two cents over budget - not bad!
Now that the tunnel is set up, there are trees adorning the landscape, telephone poles provide communication and the house has a fenced yard, Evelyn is well on her way to building her first model layout.


Disobedient Tiger said...

looking good!
i like the tunnel. all that for 40!? you made out like a bandit.