Saturday, March 26, 2011

Circus 2011

Julia and Evelyn have been counting down 'til the circus, and today was the day! We headed to the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. this afternoon to see... We got there early enough to enjoy the Pre-Show. This is a chance to go down on the circus floor and meet some of the entertainers. Evelyn and Julia really enjoyed sitting on a motorcycle. This is one of the seven motorcycles that zips around inside a globe, and a couple of the riders are standing behind it.

We had bought programs for each of the girls, and the circus performers autographed their pictures in the books. They got signatures from aerial artists (pictured below), tight-rope walkers, motorcyclists and clowns.
We girls were posing for a picture on some mats in front of the circus logo when a clown swiftly sat down next to Evelyn. Evelyn was very excited about the clown sneaking into our picture, but Julia didn't know what to think. (At least she didn't cry.)
Julia was a little overwhelmed by all the circus excitement in the first half of the show - after all, this was her first time seeing the circus. By the second half, though, you could tell she was really enjoying herself. She yelled along with the crowd, pointed out various animals and clowns, laughed and generally had a good time. Oh, and that clown in the picture above? Julia now claims that he was her favorite.