Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nature in Our Own Backyard

Neighbors have told us about a hike through the woods by Great Seneca Creek, just a few blocks from our house. A couple of weeks ago, Evelyn and Troy went for a walk behind the community swimming pool. Troy and Evelyn found so many cool things that day, so when today's weather was sunny and 60 degrees, they wanted to take Julia and me for a hike.

I've mentioned before that we have seen beavers while walking to and from school. Here is evidence of the little critters:
Julia was our skunk cabbage spotter. She learned about this stinky plant a few weeks ago at a regional park nature program. (It really does smell like a skunk if you step on it.)

Here is an area of the creek that the beavers have dammed. Julia and Evelyn were having fun playing in the mud and seeing how close they could get to the water. Julia did step in the water and got a little scared, but she didn't get stuck or fall in.
Kids with sticks and mud - always a fun combination.
Julia couldn't believe the beavers did this to a tree. I couldn't believe this is practically in our backyard - Troy and I certainly didn't have beavers living in the neighborhoods where we grew up!