Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Outer Banks Day 2

Evelyn wanted to go to the sand dunes today (also known as Jockey Ridge State Park). It was a sunny morning with just the right amount of wind (not too much!), so we loaded up on sunscreen and headed out to play in the sand. Here's a shot of Evelyn climbing a ridiculously steep sand dune. Julia and I climbed it, too, also on our hands and knees. Evelyn climbed this hill five or six times, but Julia and I had had enough after one ascent.Once at the top, you just see rolling hills of sand all around. The girls took a break from all the walking and climbing we had done by digging and playing in the soft sand.
Julia discovered she could bury her feet in the sand...and when she kicked up her feet, sand went flying everywhere. She thought this was the funniest thing, and she did this over and over again.
My rule for Evelyn was for her to make sure she could always see me. I reminded her that, if she could see me, then I could also see her. I let her roam where she wanted to since she was much quicker than Julia. (Evelyn is the small dot in the middle of the picture, with Julia looking on.)
It's hard to see in this picture, but both girls are completely covered with sand. It's amazing they didn't get any sand in their eyes because it was all over their faces. After spending over an hour at the sand dunes, we called it a day.