Saturday, April 30, 2011

Planting Flowers

We usually plant flowers in our front yard on Mother's Day. But the weather was picture-perfect today, and we should be safe from freezing temperatures from now on, so we spruced up our yard today.

Here is the before picture, complete with a shaggy bush, droopy tulips and daffodils (that never bloomed...?) and weeds under the holly tree. Look closely at the window, and you'll see little Julia.
Here is the after picture. Troy trimmed the bush, which evened out all the new growth. Evelyn pulled the tulip and daffodil leaves, and I pulled the weeds under the holly tree. Next, Evelyn helped me plant 30 impatiens. We put 12 lavender impatiens under the small bushes at the very front of our yard (which you cannot see in this picture). Then we planted the remaining 18 impatiens - 12 red and 6 pink - in front of the big bush. I put down a nice, thick layer of mulch around all of the flowers and...voila! A much cleaner front yard! (Oh, and just wait 'til you see how big these impatiens will get. Much bigger than their normal 8-10 inches.)