Saturday, January 7, 2012

Awesome Animal Pictures

I love the zoom on my camera. While at the zoo today, I had some fun taking close-ups of animals. My absolute favorite animal picture of the day was of this Sumatran tiger. It looks like I was standing right in front of her.There were eight lions outside today - a five-year-old male, four male cubs and three female cubs. The cubs were all about 15 months old, having tons of fun rough-housing with each other and playing with burlap sacks. Evelyn enjoyed distinguishing the boys from the girls by looking for longer fur around the lions' necks, like the guy in the picture below.
I wanted to see what my camera would do if I tried taking a picture of an animal behind netting...and here's how my experiment turned out. The camera totally focused on the siaming, and you can't see any netting in the foreground. This guy also cracked us up, just chillin' in the sun, way up at the top of his enclosure, with a veggie snack in his hand.
The pandas were sleeping inside today, which gave me a chance to take some pictures through (scratched) glass. Not too shabby!
It was tricky to catch the family of red pandas. They were hiding high above us in a rock alcove, and they only came out to wander around for a few seconds before crawling back to their hiding place. Goodness only knows whether this is the dad, the mom or one of the two kids, but it sure looks soft! (Julia kept calling these little guys raccoons because they have striped, fluffy tails.)