Monday, January 16, 2012

Julia's Little Gym Update

Friends and family were invited to watch Julia's dance/gymnastics combo class from the inside, and I jumped at the chance to take some pictures of our little redhead. Her class started with 15 minutes of tap (pictured below), followed by 15 minutes of ballet, and then the class moved to the gymnastics room for the last 30 minutes.Here's a rare moment, Julia sitting still and listening to the teacher.
Julia's teacher helped the little ones do a preschool version of back handsprings. The goal here is to get used to the movement of that skill. Julia was definitely comfortable rolling back on the mat and then flipping her legs over her head.
Julia loves anything and everything on the bars. She likes doing basket hangs, swinging on the bars, and doing the skill below - walking her legs up the mat, which is a precursor to a pullover (swinging the legs backwards and up over the bar).
Julia usually shies away from the balance beam, but not today. Maybe she wanted to show off for the camera, or maybe she just finally decided to try this on her own. Either way, she did great - she never lost her balance on the beam.