Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two of Everything

This afternoon Julia attended a "Penny Theater" production at the local library. This program is led by library volunteers once a month, who use paper cut-outs from picture books to perform a play on a small stage. One of the stories that was presented today was Two of Everything by Lily Toy Hong. This book has been a favorite of both girls for years, and Julia was very excited to watch the show on the Penny Theater stage.

There are always two stories at each Penny Theater, with an intermission to allow for the volunteers to set up the second story/play. During the intermission, one of the volunteers leads the kids through a series of finger plays and songs. Today, since the kids had just seen Two of Everything, the volunteer asked the kids what, on their bodies, they had two of. The usual answers were offered, such as hands, eyes and ears. Then Julia was called on. Her answer? Well, she turned around and pointed to her two butt cheeks. The volunteer was practically speechless, saying she had never gotten that response before. And I was almost crying, I was laughing so hard!