Friday, April 20, 2012

Chuck E Cheese Party!

For the past several months, Julia has been giving me her birthday party ideas. They ranged from horse/farm parties to Little Gym parties to tea parties to swimming parties. But there was always one constant - Chuck E Cheese. As far as a guest list, she would tell me about friends, family and princesses that she wanted to come to her party. And her little friend, Nathan, always made the list. Julia made it easy for me to plan her 4th birthday party: go to Chuck E Cheese and invite Nathan. Nathan's older brother gets along really well with Evelyn, so it was quite simple to put together a party for four little friends.

We all headed over to Chuck E Cheese right after the big kids got out of school, and it wasn't too crowded. Julia had plenty of opportunities to use up her tokens on her favorite games and rides in the two hours we were there. She went on the clock a few times at the beginning of the party. She loved this ride so much that when she had 12 tokens left at the end, she just rode it over and over. (This was Evelyn's favorite, too, at her 4th party.)
One of Julia's favorite games was Hungry Frog. It's perfect for preschoolers - just hit the buttons to make ping pong balls go into the frog's mouth. Julia earned the most tickets from this game, too, which is always a bonus.
Another favorite game was this whack-a-pirate type game. What kid doesn't like using a hammer to hit objects on a screen? When the shark came out, Julia got really intense and tried to beat the tar out of it - it was really funny to watch!
After the kids had used up most of their tokens on games and rides, it was cupcake time! I kept things simple and brought four cupcakes for the four friends. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Princess Julia, and she blew out her candles, one by one.
The cupcakes were gone in a matter of seconds. You should have seen the kids' teeth and tongues after eating those cupcakes - there was yellow frosting everywhere!