Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tea Cups and Ties

I started planning Evelyn's (May) birthday party way back in January.  That's when I decided on a tea party theme, and the search for tea cups and ties started.  The girls didn't know why I kept going to thrift stores, looking for tea cups and ties.  Maybe they thought I had gone loco?  I kept them in the dark for quite awhile...

A few weeks ago I clued Evelyn into what was going on - she would have a tea party birthday party!  We had collected seven sets of tea cups and matching saucers.  Troy's mom, Joyce, and my friend, Kat, had also kept their eyes open and helped contribute to the collection.  Most of the cups and saucers came from Maryland, but there's one set that came all the way from Illinois.  Not only will the girls at the party sip pink lemonade from their tea cups, but they will also take them home at the end of the party.
 Both Evelyn and Julia know that Grandma Luster sews tie purses.  But they were confused when I asked them to find tie patterns that 2nd-grade girls would like - they couldn't figure out why Grandma wanted to make tie purses for girls.  Once I clued them in about the party, they both thought tie purses would make an awesome party gift for Evelyn's friends.  I let my girls each choose their own tie - Evelyn's is on the bottom left, and Julia's is on the bottom right.
My tea cups and ties project took a few months to execute, but I think it will be well worth it.  In all, my thrift store buys cost about $25.  We'll toss in a little candy, and the birthday guests' goodie bags will be done.  And, if you ask me, I think these are pretty cool (and unique) party gifts!