Saturday, July 14, 2012

Denver's Children's Museum

Having heard good things about the Children's Museum in Denver, we headed over there to play today.  This place was amazing, with all sorts of wonderful hands-on experiments and activities.  Evelyn and I tried to make a train engine with scraps of wood and recycled materials...the only problem was we chose a really difficult project, and unfortunately Evelyn's attention waned before the train was completed.

 The girls went to a spaceship area next, where they made cone-shaped rockets out of paper and then shot them in an enclosure.  Honestly, I think they could have done that all day, but somehow I managed to lure them over to the art area.  Julia and Evelyn each painted two pictures, which we hung up to dry (and picked up right before we left at the end of the day).
 We visited the water-play area outside (perfect for a hot, sunny day like today), they played on a firetruck, the girls pretended they were various woodland animals in an area with oversized tree trunks and worm holes, and they also experimented with bubbles.  In the picture below, Julia is trying to blow a bubble using an enormous ring.
We all had a great time exploring and experimenting.  It was definitely worth the $9/person admission!