Monday, July 16, 2012

Garden of the Gods

Q:  Where can two little girls lift a HUGE rock all by themselves?

 A:  Garden of the Gods
 This afternoon was sunny and pretty toasty, so we picked a smaller trail to hike through the rock formations.  Here are the girls in front of Evelyn's favorite - Kissing Camels.
 Evelyn was on a mission to find the best rocks to climb, and Julia was content to follow the leader.
 Evelyn was more of a thrill-seeker this afternoon, crawling into small spaces, while Julia stayed outside the rock formations.
 The area in the picture below was good and bad for the girls.  Evelyn loved playing in the red sand, but Julia had a tough time walking on the slippery slopes.  Good thing I was there to hold her hand!
 Evelyn wanted to go even higher in this crevice, but her arms and legs weren't long enough.  She did well, though, getting about three feet off the ground, shimmying with her hands and feet.
 One last shot of the area we explored this afternoon - can't wait to come back again!


k. said...

These rocks look really cool! We need to teach Evelyn how to chimney so that she can climb up those crevices.