Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fun in the Sand

This morning's weather was picture-perfect.  We were on the beach by 9:30 and in the ocean not long after that.  Evelyn wanted to be buried and sculpted into a mermaid.  Julia and I were happy to oblige, as seen below.

Not wanting to be left out, Julia requested to be made into a sitting mermaid.  I worked as quickly as I could, knowing that the little redhead wouldn't be able to sit still for long.  Moments after this picture was taken, Julia was begging to be set free.
After spending three hours on the beach, we headed inside for lunch.  That's when the dark clouds of a thunderstorm developed on the western horizon.  That thunderstorm kept us cooped up in the condo for almost three hours this afternoon; we finally headed back outside around 5:00.  There was a steady south breeze, making it super-easy to fly our kite.  Julia insisted on holding the kite's spool by herself (Little Miss Independence), but I wouldn't let her.  Not yet.  Her attention span is too short, and she is too quick to become bored with activities and simply walk away...if she did that while flying our kite, it would be looong gone.
Evelyn, on the other hand, I trust.  She had fun letting the kite fly higher and higher.  But after a few minutes, Evelyn handed the kite over to me.  There was such a steady breeze this afternoon/evening that I was able to sit in a beach chair and do absolutely nothing to keep the kite airborne.


k. said...

I'm so glad I clicked on the picture of you and Julia to see it larger. I couldn't figure out who she was with!