Sunday, August 5, 2012

Second Beach Day

Armed with her buckets of water, Julia was ready to take on the second day at the beach!

 This morning the weather was perfect for the beach - it was sunny, the temperature was in the mid-80's, and there was a breeze.
 After making some creations in the shade (where the sand was very dry), Evelyn ventured closer to the shoreline (where the sand was more conducive to building).  Julia took a break with Troy, under the rainbow umbrella.  Our condo complex, Fenwick Towers, is in the background.  Notice the nearly-empty beach in my pictures?  That's why we love this place!
 The only way Julia would get close to the water is if Troy held her.  Meanwhile Evelyn darted in and out of the waves.
 After spending nearly three hours on the beach, we went back to the condo for lunch.  Since we planned to head back out to the beach after lunch, we dined al fresco (in our swimming suits) on the balcony of our condo.  The wind, however, messed with our afternoon plans.  The wind gusts were up to 30 mph, making it unbearable to play on the beach.  Plan B involved swimming in the pool for a couple of hours, which made everyone happy.