Monday, September 3, 2012

Closing Down the Pool

Today - Labor Day - was the last pool day of the season.  Thankfully the weather cooperated and provided us with sunny, warm weather, allowing us to swim and splash in the water.
 Evelyn held still long enough for me to take this picture.  She is such a fish - she loves swimming freestyle and breastroke, and she could do flips underwater all day if she didn't need to come up for air.
 We stayed at the pool for three hours this afternoon.  The way the girls tell time at the pool is by how many snack breaks we have; three hours translates into two breaks, and here are the girls chillin' during one of those breaks.
 Wearing her "puddle jumper" and using a kickboard, Julia had free reign of the pool.  She learned early on in the summer how to kick efficiently and how to steer...and by the end of the summer there was no stopping her.
 Troy even got in on the action - here he is being silly with our little redhead.  We had another great summer being pool rats.  Now that the swimming season is over, what will we do with our free time?