Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hill's Gymnastics

Last week the girls started taking gymnastics at Hill's.  This is a facility that is the real-deal; they have produced several national gymnastic champions over the years, even an Olympic gold-medalist (Dominique Dawes).  It takes about 20-25 minutes to drive to Hill's Gymnastics, so I made sure both girls could take their classes at the same time.  Here they are, all suited up in their gymnastics leotards, ready for Saturday morning at the gym!
 Evelyn learned a lot of solid basics at Little Gym over the past several years, but since it truly is a smaller gym, she had out-grown that place.  This facility has 12 (12!) balance beams, so when it's time to work on beam routines, each girl has their own beam to practice on.
 Julia loves all the new challenges at this gym.  The obstacle courses are more challenging for our daring 4-year-old, making her work on balance and agility.
 Her "Super Tots" class also has Julia expanding on her Little Gym foundation - she has to do more difficult monkey jumps (a precursor to cartwheels), among other things.  She comes out of her 45-minute class sweaty but happy, asking eagerly when her next class will be.
 Evelyn's class lasts twice as long as Julia's, so we both can watch our Peanut do other activities like bars, vault and the rope.  This gym is so wonderful and such a perfect fit for both the girls, I wish I would have made the move to Hill's years ago.