Friday, November 23, 2012

Fort McHenry

Even though Fort McHenry was on my parents' bucket list, we all wanted to go there with them.  This is where the War of 1812 finally came to an end (in 1814, mind you), and this is where the inspiration for the "Star Spangled Banner" came from.
 We explored the visitor's center before venturing outside.  We were able to walk through many different areas of the fort, like the bombproof.
 The girls willingly got locked up in a jail cell...looks like one is enjoying it and the other wants out.
 The size of the flag that is flown depends on the day's weather.  Since a gentle breeze was blowing today, the 30x42 feet was flying today.
 As with most National Parks we visit, the girls worked on their Junior Ranger badges today.  We spent about three hours at the fort today, and it was pretty challenging to complete the Junior Ranger booklets within that time frame...but they did it!  We really enjoyed our day at Fort McHenry, and we learned a LOT about the little-known War of 1812.


k. said...

Pathetic I know, but I never went to Fort McHenry. 30 x 42 feet? Wow. That's big.