Friday, November 23, 2012

USS Constellation

While in Baltimore, my parents also wanted to see the ships on display in the Inner Harbor.  After looking at all of them, we decided to go on just one - the USS Constellation.  See the red flag in the lower right-hand corner?  That means there's ammunition on board; we witnessed the firing of a gun, which was pretty exciting.
 Here are the girls, standing in front of the gun that was fired.  There was a huge crowd during the presentation, which quickly dissipated once the show was over.  We hung around, checking out the gun, and then the tour guide (the guy in black in the background) asked for volunteers to help move the gun.  The girls and my mom jumped at the chance and got in line at the rope.
 At the tour guide's command, they got ready with the rope...
 ...and then they pulled!  There were about ten people on both sides of the gun pulling the rope, which moved it quickly to the front of the sloop.
 By the time we were done touring all of the levels inside the ship, the sun was starting to set.  That provided the perfect lighting for a picture of Evelyn with the Constellation.


k. said...

Yeah, that sunset photo is really pretty.